Hard Surface Line Marking
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Hard Surface Line Marking

High quality

Hard Surface Line Marking Paints

Outline (Indoor Hard Surface)

Outline (Indoor Hard Surface)

A ready-to-use indoor hard surface line marking paint available in white and yellow.

  • Coating sprayable single component system
  • Specially designed to bond to concrete surfaces
  • Application through battery powered line marking machines e.g. iGO
  • Durability / performance is superior to aerosols, conventional 1K water-borne and solvent-borne paints

Outline is:

  • An indoor hard surface line marking paint
  • Available in white and yellow
  • Ready to use


Available Colours:

Outdoor Hard Surface

Outdoor Hard Surface

A hard surface line-marking paint

  • High quality, water based acrylic line marking paint
  • Formulated for exterior use to provide bright durable lines
  • Suitable for use on all-weather hard courts and other sporting areas
  • Available in white and a range of colours

Outdoor Hard Surface is:

  • Apply undiluted
  • For use on tarmac, concrete and all weather hard courts
  • Apply using a spray marking machine
  • Use a flat fan nozzle when applying through a spray marking machine

Available Colours:

Impact Hard Surface

Impact Hard Surface

A high quality ready-to-use, hard surface paint

  • Special binders and stickers
  • Impact paint qualities
  • Range of non-grassed surfaces
  • White and colour options


Impact Hard Surface is:

  • Ready to use
  • For use on tarmac, concrete
  • Applied using iGO, Glider, iGO Mini with cone nozzles

Available Colours:

Industrial Application

Our hard surface line marking paints can also be used on factory floors

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