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Video Tutorials

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Video Tutorials

iGo Machine

iGo Initial Set Up

iGo Cleaning the System

Charging the Battery

Glider Battery Charging

Setting the Line Width

Setting the Line Guide Pointer

Using the Disc Lifter

Nozzle Cleaning with Flush Thru

Blockages and Leaks

Pump not priming (no power)

Replacing the check valve

iGo Mini Machine

iGo Mini Initial Set Up Fitting Discs to Side/Rear

iGo Mini Fitting Discs to Side/Front

iGo Mini Fitting Discs to Front/Centre

iGo Mini Charging the Battery

User Guides

Cleaning the machine

Keeping the machine in good working order

Green Keeper Sprayer

How to attach the green keeper sprayer

Blockages and Leaks

Nozzle not spraying

Replacing the nozzle in the spray head

Nozzle splutters

Cleaning / replacing the spray filter in the spray head

Nozzle spluttering / line not spraying wide enough

Cleaning / replacing the in-line filter

Air is in the pipes

Pump is running, but not priming

Electrics (No Power)

Check battery

Multi meter should read 12 - 13 volts

Check connections

Check for loose connections

Check the charger

Multi meter should read 14 - 15 volts

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Promotional Video - Portugal

Portuguese promotional video

Promotional Video - Spain

Spanish promotional video

Promotional Video - Germany

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Promotional Video - Australia

Australian promotional video

Promotional Video - USA

American promotional video

Promotional Video - France

French promotional video

Latest News

Manchester City Flying High

Mar 6, 2018

'Beast from the East' and 'Storm Emma' didn't prevent us from applying  stunning logos with synthetic removable on the touch line at the Etihad Stadium.

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New logo at Manchester United training ground

Dec 15, 2017

Linemark's synthetic paint producing a sharp image on synthetic grass.

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